Monday, May 19, 2008

So busy...

As you can imagine, life with 3 mobile toddlers does not leave much time to blog. I do keep the website updated though...which I'm sure is most important to all our "fans" out there :) Anyway, quick recap of the last 3 months...

No more major sicknesses, thank goodness! Ella had what appeared to be a 4 hour stomach bug in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and both girls ran fevers this past weekend, but other than that...pretty healthy. Knock on wood.

Luca just had his 12 month appt and is still growing growing growing. He's thinning out though, at 97th percentile for height and only 75th percentile for weight. Still has "Albert Pujols" thighs though...big and meaty. Ha ha.

No doctor's appts for the girls until age 3, but we do need to get them to a dentist sometime this year. Of course I'm in NO hurry to do that. Eek. Ella has an appt with an orthopedic doctor this week b/c we noticed she was standing on the insides of her feet. I don't know if she always does that or if it's something that will require shoe inserts or what? So we're going, just to be safe.

I had a GI doc appt last week and all is well with that. My last glutening was on our vacation in Vegas. My iron is still really really low, but stubborn lady that I am...I still won't take my iron pills. Who wants to be constipated?? Not me. I have enough bowel issues, thank you very much.

No news in the preschool/PDO department. Luca and I will be touring United Services tomorrow while P&E are at PDO, and if we like it, we'll put P&E on the waitlist for their Young 3 Preschool program for the fall. I'm sure the chances of getting 2 spots are slim to none, but we'll see. We also need to stop by the Dardenne Presbyterian Church and check out their PDO and preschool. We have spots where we are now, but it's a 20-25 minute drive which means Luca and I spend a good hour and a half to 2 hours driving back and forth every Tuesday. Not ideal.

P&E tried a new dance class at the rec center. It's for 30 to I think 48 month olds. The difference was the price...and the very important factor of "no parents allowed in class". Yeah, you can imagine, P&E did NOT do well. I ended up going in with them for most of the 1st class and then the teacher brought them out to us after 5 minutes in the 2nd class. She said they weren't ready, which I totally agree...but in their defense, while I was in the room during the 1st class, I did not think she was very good with the kids. Probably very good at dancing...just not good with toddlers. We got a pro-rated credit towards open swim or other classes there at the rec center. Good enough.

The verbal explosion has finally occurred. They are talking a lot...still whining a lot, but talking a lot as well. Perry says "AL-LAH, WHEREAREYOU?" all the time. They still call Luca "Uckey", poor guy. Riesy sounds like "Eesey". They say all the colors and know them *most* of the time. Occasionally we get some 2-3 word sentences and questions. It's very cool.

Luca has turned into a toddler all of a sudden. He started walking about 2 weeks ago and is very quick. He doesn't listen to "no", just turns around and flashes a big toothy grin (6 teeth now). He eats "big boy" foods, usually what Dave and I eat, but also some "baby/toddler" foods too. Cheese crackers are his absolute favorite. He's been on milk for a month or so but still uses a bottle. He'll drink from a sippy cup, but we're not pushing it right now.

If the weather would ever get and stay nice, we'd be outside nonstop. Our new deck was finished in late April and we couldn't be happier with it. Love it as much, if not more, than the basement. It's wonderful! For now, we can open the door and the kids go in and out as they please. I'm sure once it gets hotter, we won't be able to do that. The backyard neighbor kids love coming to play with the "babies" still. They are always amazed when P&E talk.

Our Vegas trip was a BLAST. Loved every second of it, except the 6 or so hours I was sick. But even with that, it was a great trip. We're headed to Pensacola, FL in June (6-13) and then Kansas City, MO for a wedding June 18-22. Hoping for another trip in August/September, but we'll see.

Have a great summer!