Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is it really the middle of March already!?

Well, I spoke too soon on the stomach bug. Ella and I had another short round of it on Thursday night and then Perry again on Friday. But that was it. We've been bug-free for 10 days now! The girls are back on whole milk, yogurt, cheese, whatever they'll eat.

We've added some new teeth too. Ella has her bottom molars and is working on the top 2, which caused us all to miss out on some sleep 2 nights ago. Perry is working on one of her bottom molars but hasn't been too fussy about it...knock on wood. Ella has a mouthful of teeth and Perry's top front 2 just seem to get bigger and bigger :)

Words of the week: Ella - dog, Perry - gak. Ella calls EVERYTHING a dog. We were at the park yesterday and of course the geese were dogs. When asked what a dog says, she responds with "oof". What I first mistook for "wak" is really "gak"...translation - quack. Perry will "gak" at her stuffed duck that quacks and also "gak'ed" at the geese yesterday. Both of them have mastered "da da" and definitely know that it is Dave. When they hear the garage door open in the evenings, they both yell "da da" and run to the top of the steps to wait for him.

Cartoons have become a favorite morning activity. We play for about an hour and then turn on the 'toons while we eat breakfast. We used to watch Blues Clues and The Backyardigans, but now we're on an earlier schedule so we watch The Doodlebops and Blues Clues. Mommy's favorite is Handy Manny which is on right before The Doodlebops, so occasionally we turn on the TV a bit earlier ;) The girls both love the music and "dance" in their booster seats.

Speaking of music and dancing, Perry love to spin. Makes me a bit nervous after all the puke episodes with the stomach bug, but she has only spit up a couple times so far. She spins and spins and spins, while giggling and smiliing. Occasionally she'll stop to dance a bit (which looks a lot like Irish jig dancing). Ella likes the music too, but just kind of sways back and forth...no spinning or jigging.

We took them swimming at the rec center this past weekend and I think they were a bit overwhelmed. We hadn't been since right before their birthday...and it was also a much calmer setting when we had swim class vs. a free for all with kiddos everywhere. We played in the fountains, swam in the not-so-lazy river and pool, and played with the toys we brought. I think if we went a bit more often, they would really enjoy themselves. Not sure how much longer that maternity swimsuit will fit though ;)

Things change every day it seems. Always a new skill, word, favorite toy, or activity. Never a dull moment.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Stomach Bug Cometh

Oh man, I don't wish this upon anyone. Not sure where we got it, but I am not sorry to see it leave.

We found poor Perry covered in puke Sunday morning. I heard her babbling during the middle of the night, but she went right back to sleep so we didn't check on her. After a bath and running her PJs and sheets through the washer 3 times with bleach, we thought it might have just been a fluke. But then she puked up her breakfast. Back into the bath and now we had stinky smelling carpet in the playroom. We put her on Pedialyte and water and stuck with bland foods and after one more puke in the afternoon, she was done. No fever, no crankiness.

24 hours later, Dave came home from work feeling ill. He was physically sick for about 6 hours, but that's all the time he was allowed because Ella got sick that night too. The smell was wafting out of the guest bedroom (where she was sleeping while we worked on Junior's nursery) and sure enough, she was covered in puke but asleep. What is it with these girls? They don't mind sleeping in vomit? A bath and more cleaning...then more puking and another bath. She puked a couple more times that night and was running a small fever the next morning. Pedialyte and water for her too.

Dave stayed home from work Tuesday because he felt achy and had a fever and the chills, but the girls were in relatively good spirits. However, that night after dinner, Ella threw up again. FYI - baking soda works wonders on getting the puke smell out of carpet. At this point, I knew it was just a matter of time before it got me too. I disinfected all the girls' toys that night and woke up around 4 AM with a sour stomach.

Dave stayed home again Wednesday to take care of the girls while I was sick. Not only the many trips to the bathroom, but the fever and achiness really took a toll on me. My fever broke around 10:30 PM and I am feeling better today.

Dave is back at work and we are hoping that's the last we'll see of the stomach bug. Luckily it was short-lived in each of us and kind of took us 1 by 1 instead of all at the same time.