Thursday, January 10, 2008

The neglectful blogger

I cannot believe it has been nearly 3 months since I last blogged. That is unacceptable!

Since our last post, I think we had another round of the stomach included. That makes a total of FOUR times for 2007. Let's hope 2008 is a healthier year. I'm also seeing a new GI doctor to help figure out my ongoing digestive issues. He is requesting my records from my previous GI doc and had my liver enzymes re-tested...I should hear something back by tomorrow or early next week. Besides a sinus infection (me) and some runny/stuffy noses (the kids), we have been relatively healthy the last month.

The girls had 2 weeks off of PDO for Christmas break and Dave was also off for 2 weeks. We had Christmas with both families on the 23rd and 24th and celebrated at our house on the 25th, had a delayed Rogan get together on the 31st, New Years Day at Great Grandma Teppie's, and a birthday party on the 5th. With all the events, Daddy being home, and chaos...the lack of routine has done a number on the kids. We are just starting to get back to "normal" around here...and Ella is having the most trouble with her naps and bedtime. I hear her bouncing around in her crib, talking to her dollies as I type this...about 1 hour after I laid them down for nap. Perry and Luca are both sawing logs.

P&E are starting to talk a lot more. They are grouping words together, picking up new words, understanding what we ask or tell them...but still grunting and getting frustrated as well. 2 is a hard age. On the other hand, they are both very physically inclined and are taking their first dance class later this afternoon. Tap and ballet. They loved tapping around on the bathroom floor last night ;)

Luca got his first tooth on his 8 month birthday, after what seemed like months of teething. He is out of his infant carseat...we measured him at around 29 inches over Christmas break. Not sure of his weight, but I'd guess close to 25 pounds?? He's still miraculously in mostly 6-9 or 6-12 month clothing though, so he can't be *too* huge. He's been a better eater lately, although squash and banana are his favorites...not together. He has also tried a few Puffs from his sisters..and stolen a few sips out of their sippy cups. I suppose getting him off the bottles won't be as hard as it was for his sissies. Luca can roll to his left and right now, but doesn't seem to roll from his belly to back...he gets stuck and then becomes very angry! This results in some sleep issues. No crawling yet either, which surprises me. He's still very easy going, although he's had some cranky moments with the teething. I remember Perry being like that too while teething. We could never tell when Ella was teething because she was cranky all the time...LOL!

Our schedule is quickly filling up and makes me wonder what it will be like when they are all older with 3 (or perhaps 4 or 5) different classes, sports, recitals, lessons, etc. We have PDO on Tuesdays (Luca and I took a swim class in November/December on Tuesdays and Thursdays and may sign up for another one), dance class on Thursdays, and have started going to story time at the library on Fridays. The girls are registered for a Saturday swim class starting in March since January and February are Daddy's busy months. We may sign up for gymnastics at the Y again after dance class ends. Luca will be eligible at 12 months...but maybe we can sneak him in a little early since he's so big ;)

Not much else to report except that we are anxiously awaiting the completion of the basement and new playroom. It will be nice to de-clutter the house and move most of the toys down there, not to mention put away all our Christmas decorations :) Our bonus room (current playroom) carpet is in desperate need of a professional cleaning and we will be able to re-claim the room as a bonus/living room.

Till next time!