Monday, January 15, 2007

The New Year

Well, just since my last post, the new year has brought many changes...

*Perry can definitely be considered a walker now. She walks across the room on her own all day long. Ella is getting better with taking steps between us...she's always in a hurry though and needs to remember her balance. It won't be long before we have 2 full-time walkers in the house!

*Perry got not only 1, but 2 new teeth! Both of her top teeth came in and it looks like a 3rd one is trying to break through as well. We still haven't found any new ones in Ella's mouth though.

*Dinnertime goes from being easy to hard with Ella's pickiness. She's back to eating 4-5 bites of something and then she'll either take it out of her mouth with her hand or spit it out. Riesy is in heaven though as she usually throws it on the ground at him. We keep offering and trying new foods. Last night was pizza. They both seemed to like it, but again, after 4-5 bites Ella began to play with hers instead of eating it.

*Luckily they both LOVE whole milk. We are still working on weaning off the formula in the afternoons, but we have definitely seen a dramatic decrease in our shopping bills by not having to buy 2-3 cans of formula/week :)

*The only identifiable words are still Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba, and Uh-oh. Occasionally we think we hear "bad dog". Perry has taken an interest in animals and will repeat "woof" and "moo". Ella has become quite the babbler. She seems to have an awful lot to say, we just can't understand any of it.

*Bathtime and diaper changes have become quite a challenge lately, especially at 24 weeks pregnant. Both girls are very squirmy on the changing table and want to stand up in the tub. Hopefully this is just a phase.

We will soon begin working on Junior's new room, which means we have to move the office downstairs, but we are anxious to see it all come together. Sometime in the next 4 months, we need to see if Perry & Ella can live/sleep in the same room together before Junior makes his arrival. Fingers crossed on that one!

Speaking of Junior, we think we have decided on a name for him. You can take our poll on his page of the website and make a guess as to what you think it is ;)

Well, it's breakfast time in the Rogan house. Tickle Me Elmo has had enough tickling and needs to be rescued. Until next time!